Earth Art Fire
                       Modern Tribal Jewelry: ancient techniques with a healing intention 
                                         The Inspiration


I live in Oakland at the moment, to learn how to run a business, network, do a marketing package, book keeping, and all sorts of other responsible stuff that I never did before.  I am really seeing how we each see the world only as far as our own understanding, and as my dreams grow, so does the list of responsibilities attached. I'm very excited to have finally achieved recycled tags that list the materials used and their associated properties, and fancy little recycled boxes.

Recent Past

A year ago, my jewelry business was a side project compared to sustainable gardening.  I was a part of a lot of lessons in community and communication, where the line that was playing out inside of me was "If I don't do it, nobody will."  I laugh now in the divine acknowledgement that I am still learning about power and communication.  Since starting the sustainable gardening path in 2003, doing heavy physical labor and whatever needed to be done to build or maintain the farm, I have been  incredibly lucky to learn from some wise, humble, hard working farmers.  I have such respect for farmers.  Their connection to the Earth and the present moment is strong.   



I graduated  from Boston University in 2003 with a degree in Anthropology.  I had the rare opportunity in 2002 to practice fieldwork in 10 countries asking my own list of questions all revolving around this: What makes a meaningful life?  I was on a ship called the SS Explorer that went around the world in 100 days while conducting college classes on board through the University of Pittsburgh. I went to Cuba to hear Fidel Castro speak and do an agricultural tour, Argentina right after the collapse of their economy, South Africa during a march of over a million people with AIDS trying to get international attention, India to volunteer with the Dalit (lowest caste people), just to name a few.  The real people, growing food, making art and music, truly interest me.  Most people in the world, however, want not what they have, but a fantasy of happiness with more money, and many may or may not be conscious of their conflict that they both want and despise the American dream.  


I was born and raised in Maine, and a vegetarian at age 10 in a family that wondered how the heck that happened.  We lived right next to a huge salt water marsh that I used to run around, play, and swim in every day.  It had an old bottle dump where we could find bottles from the 1800s.  When I was 12 my mom got a new job and we moved to New Hampshire.  I was the new girl, and the new kids didn't tease me.  That was a big change.  When I went back to visit my best friend in Maine, 13 years old, we walked down the path as my friend prepared me.  They had filled in and paved over the entire salt water marsh.  They were beginning construction on a condominium development.  They had worked it in with the state that they would build a new salt water marsh up north to balance the environmental impact.  My inner rebel yelled "burn it all down let the marsh grow back!" and an activist was born.  My teen years were a mess, and I was convinced our entire system was based on destruction, war and slavery.  I saw chem trails and disease. Stuck in a very small world of problems, I was unable to let my consciousness expand to the fullness of who I was and my activism was all out of fear.  The fear that we are consuming and overpopulating ourselves extinct and huge corporations and the government are force-feeding us poison.   


This resistance in me was something I was not aware was a choice, not an action, a reaction.  Now I sit here powerfully in action.  I have a profound love for the Earth and humanity, and that has led me to reside in Hawaii, Peru, and currently, California dedicating myself to sustainability, art, and healing.  What I have learned is that the true work here is empowering self and others.  What I do is put that intention in my jewelry, that we face and accept what is, connect to the reality that we are all one.  The world did not reach this state overnight.  It is our job to calmly and powerfully get back in our own integrity, and in that, the whole Earth supports us.  

with love,

Gia Scarano

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