Earth Art Fire
                       Modern Tribal Jewelry: ancient techniques with a healing intention 
                  Elegant healing jewelry in the San Francisco Bay

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The mission of Earth Art Fire is to put a healing intention in each artfully handcrafted piece.  The properties of stones, colors, astrology, geography, and how they can affect our energy body are factors considered while making a piece.  Metals are the great conductors of energy, and in each hand-twisted link, Earth Art Fire is consciously crafting. 

The emotional and spiritual world might be invisible, but to many of us who are sensitive, it can be quite a ride. Balance means different things at different times, and healing is a never-ending journey.  Throw hormones into it, and wow, the excitement.  

Earth Art Fire jewelry is offering a connection to the healing powers of nature that is modern and classy while retaining an ancient tribal feel and technique.  For love and for healing, we are adorned and empowered. May it be a sustainable and loving journey for all. 

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